Building Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma

Check out this sneak peak of our next show, "Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma."

Before anything is built, the production team combs through the entire script and highlights anything an actor can touch or interact with.  Then we work with the artistic director & set designer to fill in the details, taking note of the story's time period, the audience's expectations, and the need to hide any lighting or practical effects.

Once that is set, we design the overall vision in 3D software such as 3D Studio Max or Google SketchUp.  This helps the team grasp what the audience will see, and it allows us to easily change aesthetic details such as the color palettes and light sources.

When we know what we need to build and how big it needs to be, then it's up to the producer and props manager to create a shopping list for the crew.  Then the scavenger hunt begins!

We'll be opening Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma, our first "show within a show" in April, and we can't wait to show you all our hard work!

Special thanks goes to our Artistic Director, Tom Greenfield.  His beautiful 3D rendering of the Lady Dunsworth set includes custom-designed models of furniture that perfectly match their real-world counterparts.