Cast List revealed for Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma

We are proud to announce the cast of Lady Dunsworth’s Dilemma:

  • Lady Dunsworth: Noel Whithers
  • Lord Dunsworth: Kerry Sharps
  • Miss Lydia Reckonwidth: Jen Bloomberg
  • Amanda Dunsworth: Natalie Brooks
  • Cecil J Barrington: Frank Staff
  • Radcliffe: Ben Knighten
  • The Director: Michael Sheldon
  • The Costume Designer: Rita Bradley

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!

If you were not cast but would still like to get involved, we can certainly use a hand getting this show off the ground. Building sets, running lights & sound, helping with special effects... it takes a team and we're willing to train those who are willing to help.

Thank you all once again,

Tom Greenfield
Artistic Director