Start of rehearsals for our intro video

So, tonight was our first rehearsal with the script for the crowdfunding campaign... (yes, it seems to be a mandatory thing).  It's where you stick the Artistic Director on a sofa in front of a blank wall and make him/her explain why people should send you money (just check out the theater section of any crowdfunding site).  


We started out with the best intentions... but then we got bored.  Before you know it we were adding props and sight gags, busting on the whole "dog and pony show" thing. We poked fun at pretentious directors, ego-centric actors, clueless Art. Dir.'s and our own little troupe.  We laughed so hard that we decided that this "was most definitely the way to go"!  I'm not to sure it will prompt the public to send in cash... but it should be entertaining

!  BTW:  we find ourselves in need of a good severed arm... anyone out there have one we could borrow?  We also need about 2 gallons of stage blood. We film in 2 weeks time.