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Theater of Fear - Auditions (Night 2)

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Theater of Fear is an original theatrical production created by The Mill Race Theatrical Company in Mount Holly, NJ consisting of three one-act plays. Themes include suspense, horror-comedy, sci-fi, and dieselpunk/steampunk.


  • Friday, July 5 from 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

  • Saturday, July 6 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


The Mill Race Theatrical Company
30 Church Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060


  • September 27, 28

  • October 11, 12

  • October 18, 19

  • October 25, 26

  • November 1, 2

  • November 8, 9


Strong performers ages 21 and older of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. All rehearsal conflicts must be presented at the time of auditions. This is a non-equity, non-paying production. Theater of Fear is directed by Tom Greenfield, 25-year veteran of stage and screen, and produced by Emmy-award winner Tome Wilson of Séance Media.

To help with introductions, please bring a theater resume or a list of relevant experiences with you.

Performers should also be prepared with a 2–3 minute monologue of your choosing. This show involves a lot of storytelling, so the ability to recite long pieces of dialogue will be crucial to success. You will also be asked to read sides from the Theater of Fear script to see how you portray each character.

For additional information, please email or TXT +1 (609) 288-2713.


Be amazed and share in the most sensational event of the Halloween season with Theater of Fear, a new original show developed by the special effects wizards at The Mill Race Theatrical Company exclusively for their immersive Mount Holly theater. Featuring wrap-around scenery, virtual projections, and real-life environmental effects, the audience will be right in the middle of three hair-raising stories:

  • See love turned to terror in The Lighthouse Keepers!

  • Behold the world-class chainsaw juggling of Doctor Stubs the Amazing Chainsaw Magician!

  • Question your sanity as Tillinghast’s machine summons eldritch creatures From Beyond!

“The Lighthouse Keepers”
Based on a true tale of survival, The Lighthouse Keepers will transport the audience to 1950s Nova Scotia where a young married couple finds themselves trapped in their dream home by the storm of the century. What will happen when everything is taken from them? Who will make it out alive?

“The Last Performance of Doctor Stubs, the Amazing Chainsaw Magician”
Doctor Stubs, stuntman and chainsaw juggler extraordinaire, earned worldwide fame 20 years ago with his thrilling sideshow acts. Now he is visiting Mount Holly for a hilarious friends & family performance before his triumphant come-back tour. Don’t turn away or you’ll miss the excitement that has shocked audiences around the world!

HP Lovecraft’s “From Beyond”
Our grand finale, From Beyond, will take you deep into the mind of weird fiction author H. P. Lovecraft. When the audience is summoned to Doctor Tillinghast’s laboratory atop his decrepit Victorian manor, From Beyond will prove that human sanity is too fragile to experience the boundless sensations of the cosmos. “I think it is beyond doubt that H. P. Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale.” ~Stephen King


  • Sarah of The Lighthouse Keepers is a younger, free-spirited 1950s woman crushed by madness after being trapped atop a lighthouse during a winter storm. The actress playing this role must be capable of dragging the body of her male co-star across the stage.

  • Josh of The Lighthouse Keepers is a male 1950s beatnik married to Sarah. He has just discovered his ideal writer’s retreat atop an isolated lighthouse.

  • Richard McMichaels of From Beyond is a 1920s college student asked to witness a diabolical experiment performed by the mad doctor, Crawford Tillinghast. He is the anchor and narrator for the story. The actor playing the role of Richard will also double as “Josh” in The Lighthouse Keepers.

  • Crawford Tillinghast of From Beyond is a dishonored 1920s college professor driven to homicidal madness by his discovery of other dimensions.

  • Edith of From Beyond is Doctor Tillinghast’s maid and the hero of the story. The actor playing the role of Edith will also double as “Sarah” in The Lighthouse Keepers.

  • Barker of The Last Performance of Doctor Stubs, the Amazing Chainsaw Magician is a talented sideshow promoter of any age or gender tasked with telling the story of his partner, Doctor Stubs. The actor playing this role should be charismatic, smooth talking, and used to drawing a crowd. Non-fire-based sideshow skills such as juggling or sword swallowing is a plus.