The Poe Project

The Poe Project

The Holiday Thingy

The Holiday Thingy

Our first show, The Poe Project, was set during the Halloween season and was based on the strange life and times of famed American author, Edgar Allan Poe. We followed the success of Poe with The Holiday Thingy, an off-beat cabaret that celebrates the season with light-hearted musical performances, comedy, and storytelling.

From April to June, we'll be performing Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma, a spectacularly funny and distinctly original backstage farce that showcases the wit and comedic timing of our troupe. The story focuses on a dysfunctional but lovable cast of actors as they attempt to survive the opening night of their new Victorian comedy.

From September to November, we’ll be turning our attention to Theater of Fear, an immersive 4D show reviving the Grand-Guignol style of horror theater.

By blending a mix of modern practical effects and cutting edge projection technology, The Mill Race Theatrical Company creates feature-length productions that place you right in the middle of the experience.

At Mill Race Theatrical Company, education and collaboration keeps us on the cutting edge of theater. To bring the best experience to our audiences, we host weekly classes in acting, special effects, stagecraft, script-writing, theater management, and more. Our teachers come from all walks of life, from performers and historians to Emmy award winning technologists.

If you want to be a part of something a little different where you can learn new skills in a supportive and fun environment, we welcome new members.


Our 4,000 sq ft theater located in Mount Holly, NJ supports 50+ guests. We push the limits of interactive technology, bringing themed entertainment to a whole new level.

The mission of the theater is to create once-in-a-lifetime amazing experiences. We understand the digital age and we want to create something new to bring our fans together in the real world. That’s why we specialize in immersive effects that allows our guests to feel like they’re a part of the show.

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