The mission of The Mill Race Theatrical Company is to educate & excite people about the performing arts.  

We accomplish this by exploring & expanding the boundaries of theater.

We believe education, collaboration, and diversity are the keys to accomplishing our mission.

We value education by offering free classes & mentorships related to the arts, accessibility, history, and business. This allows us to understand the traditions of theater while preparing our members for careers in the performing arts.

We value collaboration by utilizing the workshop method in our production process.  This gives our new members time to explore and acquire new skills alongside experts while working towards a common goal.

We value diversity by welcoming, including, and empowering the under-served members of our community. This allows us to continue evolving alongside the needs of the entire community, not just the loudest voices.

The Poe Project

The Poe Project

The Holiday Thingy

The Holiday Thingy

Our first show, The Poe Project, was based on the strange life and times of famed American author, Edgar Allan Poe. We followed the success of Poe with our annual The Holiday Thingy, an off-beat cabaret that celebrates the season with light-hearted musical performances, comedy, and storytelling. During our building renovations, we moved to the glorious Glen Foerd mansion and produced an immersive version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark that sold out within hours.

In early 2019, we reopened the theater with Lady Dunsworth's Dilemma, a spectacularly funny and distinctly original backstage farce that showcased the wit and comedic timing of our troupe. From September to November, we’ll be turning our attention to Theater of Fear, an immersive 4D show that blends Grand-Guignol with the excitement of 1950s creature features.

You can learn more about our shows on our Events calendar.

It takes a lot to build a show.

Theater is a microcosm of the arts with skills gathered from all walks of life.

Creative writing merges with acting and movement. Architecture merges with carpentry and electrical. Lighting and projection art blend with graphic design and video production… it takes a crew of dedicated artists months to bring a story to life.


Our 4,000 sq ft theater located in Mount Holly, NJ supports 50+ guests. We push the limits of interactive technology, bringing themed entertainment to a whole new level.

The mission of the theater is to create once-in-a-lifetime amazing experiences. We understand the digital age and we want to create something new to bring our fans together in the real world. That’s why we specialize in immersive effects that allows our guests to feel like they’re a part of the show.

Mill Race Theatrical Company

Address: 30 Church Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Phone and Text: +1 (609) 288-2713

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Tome Wilson, Lead Producer

Donations and Volunteering

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